Nik Seger | Headshots | Potsdam, NY Photographer

Last week I had the opportunity to work with this bright, talented, and great young man!  If you are in the Potsdam, NY area on Sunday November 8th - be sure you are at this guy's senior tuba recital at the Crane School of Music.  He said that this was his first photo shoot ever....I don't believe him one bit.  He's a natural!

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PRISM Quartet Heritage/Evolution || Potsdam, NY Photographer

Chris Potter and Ravi Coltrane...two of the HEAVIEST jazz saxophonists of today! In short, I got the opportunity to perform a couple of concerts and record a CD with these guys as a substitute saxophonist with the PRISM Quartet.  It surely was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to document these guys in action! Check out just a few of them down below!

PRISM Quartet, Ravi Coltrane, Chris Potter
Ravi Coltrane
Ravi Coltrane
Chris Potter
Chris Potter bass clarinet

Here is a little something from the session...sorry for the VERY SHAKY camera...But I think Chris Potter's playing makes up for that!!

Fall Island Vocal Seminar || Potsdam, NY Photographer

I had the privilege to shoot for the Fall Island Vocal Seminar held at The Crane School of Music
in May 2015!  This was my first time attending this seminar.  The week was filled with some STUNNING talented vocalist from across the country who spent their time at Crane learning from two renowned musicians in the field.... Stephanie Blythe and Alan Smith.  I'm glad I got to take a few portraits of these two icons!

Be sure to take a moment and check out the website for Fall Island Vocal Seminar !!

Stephanie Blythe & Alan Smith
Fall Island Staff
Stephanie and Carleen


HEY EVERYONE!! I will be in Michigan for the first week of June and I will be available to shoot your portraits! Senior Portraits. Artist Promotional Portraits. Headshots. Family Portraits.  Only a select number of slots are available.  To reserve your spot email us at or send us a message here!

Portrait Sessions, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Mary Shemon Headshots | Portraits

Here are a few of the portraits that I took of flutist, Mary Shemon.  I flew to Kansas City, MO with my gear to shoot this session.  Of course, I shoot most of my portrait sessions in Potsdam, NY so I know some great locations where I can photograph my clients.  Kansas City was a bit of a challenge to find that perfect location (since I have only been there once).  There was lots of driving and scouting out locations.  Not to mention I got kicked out of a few places as we were setting up to shoot.  We managed to still get some great shots!

Potsdam, NY photographer
Potsdam NY Photographer
Potsdam NY Photographer
Potsdam NY photographer
Potsdam NY Photographer


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3 Tips for better headshots

Here are three simple tips that I use to coach people to nice, engaging, and natural headshots!

1: Engage with the camera

It all sounds good in theory, right? But how do you “engage” with the camera.  It sounds so cliche to say.  It’s actually very simple.  I ask everyone who steps in front of the camera to lean their torso toward the camera.  Look at the two pairs of images below.  The ones on the left are just normal relaxed positions.  Then I asked each of them to bring their torsos towards the camera (*images on the right).  Doesn't that look much more engaging? Simple, but effective!

GOOD: Normal seated position....

GOOD: Normal seated position....

GOOD: Normal standing position...

GOOD: Normal standing position...

BETTER:  Torso leaned toward the camera.

BETTER:  Torso leaned toward the camera.

BETTER: Torso leaned toward the camera

BETTER: Torso leaned toward the camera

2: Forehead OUT!

It looks pretty silly to jut out your head in normal everyday life.  But it looks amazing for headshots!  Trust me.  In every single image in my portfolio the client’s head is “turtled” out.  Doing this helps bring out the jaw line in the shot.  It’s a more attractive look for everybody.  Try this in the mirror for yourself to see if it works! So get those foreheads out people!

GOOD: Normal posture

GOOD: Normal posture

BETTER: Forehead toward the camera.

BETTER: Forehead toward the camera.

3: No whites under the eyes

I generally don’t like to see any whites under the eyes.  On camera, the client will look very wide-eyed if  you can see the bottom whites of the eyes.  When you can’t see them – it exudes confidence.  Look through my portfolio – in most of images you will notice this.  Go to Google and type in your favorite actor or actress.   When you see a picture of them on the red carpet – you NEVER see their bottom whites!  Peter Hurley, my hero in the field of headshot photography, uses the phrase “Confidence and Approachability”.  Well, when your eyes are right you exude confidence but yet you are still approachable. 

NOTE: Both of the images below are beautiful in my opinion.  But the eyes look more engaging in the image on the right.

GOOD:  Whites under the eyes

GOOD:  Whites under the eyes

Now its time to try this yourself! Contact me for your headshot session!

BETTER: No whites under the eyes

BETTER: No whites under the eyes